Frederick Maryland
Lifeline Cell Technology® has built and equipped a product development and production laboratory and its administration and sales offices at 8425 Progress Drive Suit Z, Frederick, MD 21701. These facilities have all the capabilities needed to develop, produce, support, and market human cell culture products including cells, optimized serum-free and low serum media, and reagents. Lifeline has recently expanded this facility to accommodate additional manufacturing needs, including custom media manufacturing.

Oceanside, California

Lifeline conducts human cell in vitro research, development, and manufacturing at the International Stem Cell (ISCO) facility in Oceanside, California. ISCO, Lifeline's parent company, is continuing to expand their cell culture facilities to include therapeutic cell research, development and production cGMP suites.


Technical Service and Sales


Lifeline Cell Technology

Frederick, MD 21701

8415 Progress Drive, Suite T


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