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Save 20% on 1 vial of Cardiac or Endothelial Cells
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Proven Performance Leadership in Primary Cells and Culture Media

  • Lifeline® Cell Culture Media for reproducible results that out-perform any other media.
  • Lifeline® Cells (Human and Non-Human) cultured in Lifeline® Media will out-perform any other cells. Cryopreserved cells are not exposed to phenol red, and have limited exposure to antimicrobials.
  • Guaranteed performance and quality standards.


Potential Target Treatment of Vascular Dysfunction in Diabetes

The Circulatory System: The Blood Delivery System The circulatory system delivers the blood and oxygen that all tissues of the body require for normal operation. In particular, the arteries, veins, and capillaries that transport the blood throughout the body are lined by a layer of endothelial cells, which help to maintain blood and vessel homeostasis.…

Damaging Effects of Cigarette Smoke on Airway Epithelium

The Airway Epithelium and Damage from Smoking Every time we take a breath, the epithelial cells that line the airway and lungs are exposed to potential pollutants in the air. These epithelial cells form a protective barrier against pathogens in the air and also function to facilitate their removal. As such, the airway epithelium is…

Tissue Engineering Application Research Using Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Adult Stem Cells: A Critical Factor in the Maintenance of Adult Tissues Adult stem cells are capable of self-renewal and multipotent differentiation (differentiation into multiple, but limited, cell types). In particular, mesenchymal stem cells are multipotent stem cells capable of differentiating into bone, cartilage, muscle, or fat. The role of mesenchymal stem cells in these…

Lifeline’s Cell Culture Media Produces Optimal Results

Happy New Year! As you gear up for 2020, check out our new blog below, which focuses on Lifeline® media products. The ultimate goal of culturing cells in vitro is to create a model system that mimics the in vivo environment as much as possible. Perhaps the most important part of developing a reliable in…

Thawing and Seeding Lifeline Primary Cells

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