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FibroLife® S2 LifeFactors® Kit

LS-1038                   Spec Sheet
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FibroLife® Serum-Free LifeFactors® Kit

LS-1010                   Spec Sheet
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FibroLife® Fibroblast Basal Medium

LM-0001                   Spec Sheet
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Features and Benefits

  • Lifeline® Normal Human Dermal Fibroblasts — Neonatal, Xeno-Free (HDFn-XF), when grown in Lifeline’s FibroLife® Xeno-Free Complete Medium, provide an ideal xeno-free culture system to establish xeno-free human feeder layers for human embryonic stem cell cultures or as a model to study wound healing, toxicology or basic cell biology
  • FibroLife Xeno-Free is a new variation of our FibroLife cell culture medium optimized for culture of fibroblasts without the use of non-human animal-derived components.