Donor Demographic Information for Human Cells

Need to purchase cells with specific Donor Demographics? Just ask us about Lifeline Donor Demographic information.

No matter what type of cells you need for your research, you’ll find valuable donor information available.  You can confidently select what lot best fits your research needs.

  • You can have donor-specific vials reserved for you for up to 30 days at no charge.
  • Custom cell isolations  You can have cell lots created specifically for you based on the research needs.
  • You’ll feel confident about publishing your research, because all available lots have donor consent

Lifeline Donor Demographics include:

  • Age of donor
  • Gender of donor
  • Ethnicity of donor
  • Smoker vs nonsmoker
  • Cause of Death (if applicable)
  • Relevant Medical History
  • Location of Organ
  • Population Doubling Time for 1st time out of Cryopreservation
  • Average Population Doubling Time

Having donor-specific information may help you alleviate additional testing. Donor age and cell passage can affect differentiation in some cases.

To request a list of Donor-Specific Cells, please Contact Us


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