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    Oil Red O Staining Kit

    LL-0052      Spec Sheet
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    Alcian Blue Staining Kit

    LL-0051      Spec Sheet
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    2% Alizarin Red Stain

    CM-0058      Spec Sheet

Stains for Use with Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells

  • Lifeline® 2% Alizarin Red Stain is used to stain calcium deposited by osteocytes. May be used with Lifeline® OsteoLife™ Complete Osteogenesis Medium.
  • Lifeline® Alcian Blue Staining Kit contains: fixative solution, sucrose stabilizer solution, Alcian Blue stain solution and acetic acid wash solution for staining sulfated proteoglycans deposited by chondrocytes.
  • The Oil Red O kit contains fixative solution, dehydration solution, Oil Red O stain solution,
    and stain differential solution for staining lipid vesicles in adipocytes.