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Lifeline® Cell Technology (Lifeline®) develops, manufactures, and markets the highest quality cells, media, and reagents for the research marketplace. We take pride in our customer and technical service. Lifeline is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO, ISCO.OB), a California company that has developed breakthrough human stem cell lines that promise to eliminate the rejection of transplanted cells by the patient’s immune system. ISCO’s technology, Parthenogenesis, results in the creation of pluripotent human stem cell lines from unfertilized human eggs without the transfer of foreign DNA. International Stem Cell Corporation’s (ISCO) goal is to be the world’s leader in providing human cells to study and cure disease. ISCO will manufacture clinical and research products for the treatment of diabetes, liver disease and retinal disease.

Lifeline® customers are scientists working in major research organizations such as pharmaceutical companies, academic and government institutions. Lifeline® specialized products for the culture of human cells eliminate the need for each scientist to create his or her own media and reagents or try to adapt “off the shelf” products. Our modern laboratories and strict quality assurance provide the highest level of consistent value to the research community.

Current positions

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Research Scientist

This position is located at our San Diego, CA facility.


The Research Scientist position involves supporting general lab operations; assisting in inventory and document control; performing general laboratory maintenance and calibration; assisting in the research and development of new cell based products and associated products. Experience with cell culture of primary and pluripotent cells is necessary. Must have experience with SOP’s documentation. Other responsibilities may be applied as needed.

Minimum Education (or substitute experience) required:

BS-, Biochemistry, Immunology or equivalent science degree, plus 5+ years’ industry laboratory experience. Prior cell culture experience necessary

MS/PhD – Biology, Biochemistry, Immunology or equivalent science degree, plus 0-2years’ industry laboratory experience. Prior cell culture experience necessary.

Skills required:
  • Mammalian cell culture, preferably primary cells.
  • Aseptic/sterile technique.
  • Previous primary cell isolation experience is a plus.
  • Able to read to comprehension and comply with SOPs and other regulatory documents.
  • Excellent problem solving skills, including basic and algebra-based math skills.
  • Able to read to comprehension and comply with SOPs and other regulatory documents.
  • Excellent problem solving skills, including basic and algebra-based math skills.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, with the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group (i.e. executives, managers, and subject matter experts, etc.) to drive the completion of a project; as well as detail­ oriented documentation reviewing.
  • High degree of personal organization and time management skills; ability to work autonomously and in a self-directed manner, as well as part of a team; and successfully manage multiple ongoing projects.
  • Organization skills include recordkeeping, maintaining laboratory notebook(s), time management, and regular attendance.
  • Understands the flow of material through a manufacturing operation from receipt to manufacture to shipment.
  • Designing and performing the necessary research and experiments to develop new products and improve current products, as applicable.
  • Attending required meeting(s), both onsite and offsite.
  • Learning aspects associated with tissue acquisition and regulatory requirements for human tissue.
  • Development of methods for the isolation of various cell types and products associated with each cell type.
  • Research of background materials and publications for the development of new products.
  • Writing and/or editing of standard protocols or isolation methods, preparations, or quality methods used both in the laboratory or to produce products.
  • Providing ideas for new products with literature research to support the concept.
  • Assist Sales and Marketing
    • writing and/or editing of instructional marketing documents to support customer’s use of the various cell-related products.
  • Customer technical support
  • May be asked to select a research paper for a blog to be written about and/or proofread the blog as compared to the original literature source
  • Custom Media and Cell Business support:
    • Assisting with price quotes
    • Assisting with creation of formulations based on information submitted by the customer. (e.g. confirm the concentrations of each component)
    • Assisting with creation of the other documents for the production master records and for new raw material chemicals
    • Assisting in training of new laboratory and sales personnel.
    • Assisting Research and Development Manager.
  • Performing other tasks as called upon in association with laboratory duties.
Maintaining clean laboratory environment.
  • Checking levels of consumables for laboratory equipment and working with outside companies and in house facilities management to maintain optimal levels for laboratory operation (LN2, CO2, H20, EtOH, etc.).
  • Maintaining stocking levels of all chemicals and laboratory supplies for cell production and cell research, laboratories, and assist in purchasing of said materials when necessary.
  • Maintaining Dewar inventory log.
  • Maintaining laboratory notebook

To apply, please send your resume to, referencing the Research Scientist position in the Subject line.

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