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Using Lifeline® Cells and Culture Media

Thank you for choosing Lifeline® Cell Technology. It is our goal to ensure your success when thawing and culturing our primary cells. In order to avoid errors, Lifeline® recommends that you read the instructions included with the cell and medium products in their entirety.

Culture Medium Instructions

Warm medium in a water bath and mix well prior to use. When using small amounts of medium, Lifeline® recommends warming only the amount needed in a sterile conical tube.

Cells Instructions

To thaw the cells, hold the bottom of the vial in a 37-degree water bath for approximately one minute. A small ice chip should still be seen. Spray the vial with 70% ethanol and transfer to biosafety cabinet. Gently re-suspend the cells using a sterile pipette. Do not centrifuge. The cells may be directly plated from the vial. Perform a cell count using the hemocytometer and plate cells in a pre-warmed fully supplemented medium at the recommending seeding density. Then transfer the cells to a 37-degree incubator for storage.

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