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Using Lifeline® Cells and Culture Media

Thank you for choosing Lifeline® Cell Technology. It is our goal to ensure your success when thawing and culturing our primary cells. In order to avoid errors, Lifeline® recommends that you read the instructions included with the cell and medium products in their entirety.

Note that due to plastic supply chain disruptions, some products may be shipped in alternate containers to ensure that your research receives the high-priority service you have come to expect from Lifeline.

Culture Medium Instructions

Warm medium in a water bath and mix well prior to use. When using small amounts of medium, Lifeline® recommends warming only the amount needed in a sterile conical tube.

Cells Instructions

To thaw the cells, hold the bottom of the vial in a 37-degree water bath for approximately one minute. A small ice chip should still be seen. Spray the vial with 70% ethanol and transfer to biosafety cabinet. Gently re-suspend the cells using a sterile pipette. Do not centrifuge. The cells may be directly plated from the vial. Perform a cell count using the hemocytometer and plate cells in a pre-warmed fully supplemented medium at the recommending seeding density. Then transfer the cells to a 37-degree incubator for storage.

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