Frederick, Maryland

Lifeline® Cell Technology leases a 8,000 square foot laboratory and administrative facility at 8415 Progress Drive, Suite S, Frederick, MD 21701. The laboratories are used to develop and manufacture the company’s research products, optimized serum-free and low serum media including xeno free and custom media.  The laboratories include all the necessary clean rooms, incubators, water purification systems, biosafety cabinets, temperature-controlled storage and other equipment used to manufacture, package, test, store, and distribute primary human cells and cell culture media.  The administrative offices are used to support sales, marketing, logistics and accounting.

San Diego, California

Lifeline® conducts human cell in vitro research, development, and manufacturing at the International Stem Cell (ISCO) facility in San Diego, California. Additionally, Lifeline® manages its research and development operations as well as procurement activities at this same facility. ISCO, the parent company of Lifeline®, is centrally headquartered in San Diego.

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