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Category - Bladder Epithelial Cells

Bladder Epithelial Cells: The Role of SETD6 on Bladder Cancer Growth and Survival

Bladder Epithelial Cells, Renal Epithelial Cells

The Excretory System: Waste Removal Experts Waste is removed from the body through an elegant filtration system that begins in the kidneys. The renal artery delivers blood to the kidneys, and in a series of filtration steps through…

Bladder Anatomy and the Latest Bladder Cancer Research Studies

Bladder Epithelial Cells

Following its exit from the kidneys though the ureters, urine enters the bladder, a muscular organ that collects and expels urine through the urethra. The bladder epithelium, or urothelium, is a transitional epithelium that is highly elastic to…

Targeting Epithelial Cells in Bladder Cancer

Bladder Epithelial Cells

(This is a summary of the state of bladder cancer in the US, along with summaries of two recent bladder cancer research studies using Lifeline® Normal Human Bladder Epithelial Cells.) Bladder cancer is the 9th leading cause of…