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High-Quality Media for High-Impact Research

In the fast-evolving world of biotechnology, researchers require tools that offer precision, reliability, and consistency. One of the most critical components in any cell biology research is the cell culture media, which supplies the necessary nutrients, growth factors, and hormones for cell survival, growth, and function. Primary cells, unlike immortalized cell lines, have a limited lifespan in culture and are more sensitive to suboptimal conditions. Therefore, using high-quality media is essential to support their growth and maintain cell health, phenotype and function over time, which enables researchers to obtain reliable and reproducible results to further their research.

With over 20 years of expertise, Lifeline® Cell Technology specializes in the development and manufacture of purified primary human cells and optimized cell culture media and reagents. We are passionate about providing high-quality research tools and are committed to delivering the best customer service and technical care.

Optimized Primary Cell Media Formulations

Lifeline Cell Technology has developed optimized media formulations for a wide spectrum of primary cells, including (but not limited to) endothelial, epithelial, fibroblast, and stem cells. Primary cells cultured in Lifeline® medium consistently outperform cells grown in any similar medium.  Here’s why:

Optimized Formulations: Each Lifeline medium is balanced and supplemented to meet the specific nutritional needs of different primary cell types to maximize its lifespan in vitro. Additionally, the media is free from antimicrobials and phenol red, reducing cell stress and eliminating potential masking effects that could impact experimental results.

Product Performance: Cells cultured in Lifeline® media maintain better morphology with higher plating efficiency and better expansion compared to competitors’ media.

Customization: Lifeline® can also manufacture custom media formulations to meet specific cell type requirements and experimental needs. Just ask!

Unmatched Customer and Sales Service

What truly sets Lifeline® apart is their commitment to exceptional customer service and rapid product delivery. From initial inquiry to post-purchase support, researchers can count on timely responses that keep their projects on track.

Our dedicated sales team works closely with our scientists to provide expert guidance and technical support as needed for troubleshooting or to triage any issues.

“Thank you for your excellent support and I will certainly turn to Lifeline if I need more cells in the future”— Senior Scientist at a global pharmaceutical company.

With our rapid product delivery, researchers don’t have to wait to receive the tools to execute their critical work:

  • Domestic Orders: Products shipped same day if received by 2:45 PM EST (some exceptions apply) unless:
    • Orders received on Thursday (depending on size): Shipped Monday.
    • Orders received on Friday: Shipped Monday.
  • International Orders: Shipped every week on Friday and Monday.

For consistently reproducible experimental results, choose Lifeline® as your research partner. For more information on our cell culture media kits, please visit:

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