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RenaLife™ is optimized for the culture of Human Renal Epithelial Cells over a period of at least 15 population doublings.

RenaLife™ Basal Medium contains no antimicrobials and no phenol red.  RenaLife™ Basal Medium requires the appropriate LifeFactors (associated supplements and growth factors) to promote guaranteed proliferation and function of cells.

  • Optimized for the low-serum culture of Human Renal Epithelial Cells:  In comparisons with other commercially available media, RenaLife™ supports superior proliferation at different seeding densities.
  • Protective packaging:   RenaLife™ Basal Medium is provided in a light-protected 500 mL bottle.

Performance Tested to Ensure Value

RenaLife Epithelial Culture Medium

Renal Cortical Epithelial Cell CultureRenaLifeTM Medium grows Human Renal Epithelial Cells through at least 15 population doublings at rates that are comparable to other commercially available low-serum media while maintaining more characteristic epithelial morphology, e.g., more compact cuboidal shape, high refractive index and clarity of the cytoplasm.

Shown left: Renal Cortical Epithelial Cells, third subculture (100X).

Shown below: gamma-Glutamyltransferase (GGT) assay. The substrate (gamma-glutamyl-p-nitroanilide) and acceptor molecule (glycylglycine) are incubated with the cells in a sodium phosphate buffer for 30 minutes at 37°C. The released product is p-nitroaniline (PNA). The absorbance at 405 nm is measured and compared against a standard curve of PNA. Protein is quantified using a modified Bradford method.

RenaLife renal epithelial medium comparison

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