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ReproLife™ CX Cervical Epithelial Medium Complete Kit is a new medium optimized for the culture of Normal Human Cervical Epithelial Cells (HCxEC). ReproLife™ CX supports the growth of these cells over a period of at least 5 population doublings.  

ReproLife™ CX is offered in a kit format composed of basal medium and associated supplements and growth factors called “LifeFactors®.” This kit allows preparation of fresh medium in your laboratory, extending shelf life and enhancing performance.

ReproLife™ CX Basal Medium contains no antimicrobials and no phenol red, and is provided in a light-protected 500 mL bottle. ReproLife™ CX LifeFactors® are packaged in a convenient gas-impermeable pouch for easy storage, and include:

  • HLL Supplement LifeFactor   1.25 mL
  • rh Insulin LifeFactor   0.5 mL
  • rh EGF LifeFactor   0.5 mL
  • L-Glutamine LifeFactor  15 mL
  • Epinephrine LifeFactor    0.5 mL
  • Extract P™ LifeFactor   2 mL
  • Hydrocortisone Hemisuccinate LifeFactor   0.5 mL
  • Triiodothyronine LifeFactor   0.5 mL
  • PS Transferrin LifeFactor   0.5 mL
  • Antimicrobial Supplement: Gentamicin and Amphotericin B   0.5 mL  (Provided with purchase of LL-0072) 

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