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ProstaLife™ medium is optimized for the culture of Human Male Reproductive Cells, including Prostate Epithelial Cells and Seminal Vesicle Epithelial Cells.

ProstaLife™ Basal Medium contains no antimicrobials and phenol red. These supplements are available from Lifeline® but are not required for eukaryotic cell proliferation.

  • Kit format for formulation flexibility: ProstaLife™ culture medium is offered in a kit format composed of basal medium and associated supplements and growth factors called “LifeFactors®.” This kit allows you to prepare fresh medium in your laboratory, extending shelf life and enhancing performance.
  • Protective packaging:  ProstaLife™ Basal Medium is provided in a light-protected 500 mL bottle. The remaining LifeFactors® (growth factors and supplements) are packaged in a convenient gas-impermeable pouch for easy storage.

prostate epithelial culture medium

Shown above: Human Prostate Epithelial Cells, passage 3, 5 days after inoculation with 2,500 cells/cm2 (100X).

ProstaLife™ Medium grows Human Prostate Epithelial Cells and Human Male Reproductive Epithelial Cells through at least 15 population doublings at rates that meet or exceed other commercially-available media while maintaining excellent cell morphology. In comparisons with other commercially-available media, ProstaLife™ shows superior proliferation at different seeding densities.

Shown below: Human Prostate Epithelial Cells inoculated at the stated density in 24-well plates and stained with crystal violet. Higher O.D. 590 represents a greater number of cells per well, and therefore, better proliferation.

Human Prostate Epithelial Cells Media Comparison

Prostate Epithelial Cells Culture Medium

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