StemLife Sk LifeFactors Kit


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Product Description

StemLife Sk LifeFactors Kit includes associated supplements and growth factors for the growth of Human Skeletal Muscle Satellite Cells, with the use of Lifeline StemLife basal medium.

The StemLife Sk LifeFactors Kit includes:

  • rh FGF-b LifeFactor, 0.5 mL
  • L-Glutamine LifeFactor, 25 mL
  • rh EGF LifeFactor, 0.5 mL
  • Stem Cell Qualified FBS LifeFactor, 20 mL
  • rh Insulin LifeFactor, 2.5 mL
  • Dexamethasone LifeFactor, 1 mL
  • Gentamicin-Amphotericin B, 0.5 mL

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