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Category - Lifeline Cells and Media

Human Cells Research Studies Using Lifeline Cells: 2017 Review

Lifeline Cells and Media

Lifeline® Cells in 2017 It’s the end of the year again and here on the Lifeline® Cell Technology blog you have been keeping up with the various ways researchers from many fields have used Lifeline® cells. We are…

A Half-Year Review of the Latest Research with Lifeline® Multifunctional Cells

Lifeline Cells and Media

Halfway through 2017, here’s a recap of how researchers are using Lifeline® cells to study different disease mechanisms and biological processes. Lifeline® cells are being used to: engineer in vitro airway models, represent normal tissue controls for cancer…

Lifeline® Cells: Better Normal Controls for Therapeutic Development

Lifeline Cells and Media

Identifying the best cells to use as controls is critical. In particular, finding a “normal”, non-cancer control cell to test anti-cancer therapies is a challenge our customers often face. Lifeline® has the tools to help – read on…

Review of Research Studies using Lifeline® Cells in 2016

Lifeline Cells and Media

It is the end of the year, so we thought we would take a look back to see how our cells have been used over the past year. Lifeline® provides cells from many organ sites that can be…

Human Cell Types and Their Research Applications

Lifeline Cells and Media

Lifeline® Normal Human Cells have been validated for numerous applications that cover diverse research interests . . . Cancer research. Many Lifeline® normal human cell types are used as normal controls in cancer studies to demonstrate specificity of…

Research Applications of Lifeline Cells and Culture Media

Lifeline Cells and Media

Many research groups have demonstrated the diversity of our many cell types. You can save 25% on 1 vial of Lifeline® cells (any type except hematopoietic) through April 4 with code “cryopre25” A few of the many research…

Epidermal Cells – Our First Line of Defense — and Recent Studies

Lifeline Cells and Media, Melanocytes and Keratinocytes

The skin is a multi-layered organ that covers the entire body and serves as a barrier to the outside environment. The outermost layer is called the epidermis and is composed largely of keratinocytes, which function to provide a…

Studies Using Lifeline® Human Primary Cells for Transfection

Lifeline Cells and Media

Lifeline® offers a large number of primary cells for your research needs, many of which can be efficiently transfected. Importantly, Lifeline® cells can be used as normal control cells for various assays and are amenable to multiple transfection…

Human Endothelial Cells Use in Research

Lifeline Cells and Media

The Circulation System and Endothelial Cell Function A healthy circulation system is critical for normal physiological function; Arteries, veins, and, capillaries transverse the body providing an essential blood supply to tissue. Arteries carry oxygenated blood away from the…

When Cells Contaminate Other Cells

Lifeline Cells and Media

No cell biologist welcomes contamination, whether it’s fungal or bacterial. A contaminated flask of cells means that an experiment quite literally goes down the drain (along with copious amounts of bleach), and that a new vial of cells…