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Why Some Smooth Muscle Cells Out-Perform Other SMCs

Lifeline® has optimized and cell tested a medium specifically for use with smooth muscle cells from both vascular and lymphatic tissues.

VascuLife® SMC Complete Kit for smooth muscle cell culture includes VascuLife® basal medium and VascuLife® SMC LifeFactors Kit:

  • Using our Kit allows you to freshly prepare growth medium for your experiments
  • Using our Kit allows you to add the specific LifeFactors you wish to use ,or to add the complete kit for optimal cell performance

You’ll get consistently reproducible results with VascuLife® SMC:

  • Lifeline® smooth muscle cells will plate better in VascuLife® SMC than in our nearest competitors’ media or traditional high serum media
  • No matter the tissue that the Lifeline® smooth muscle cells are derived from, they’ll grow more quickly in VascuLife® SMC than in other commercially available medium
  • Lifeline® smooth muscle cells will maintain better morphology when cultured in VascuLife® SMC

Lifeline® media leads the industry – because you’ll get better results with Lifeline®.

Talk to the Most Experienced Scientists in the Industry – They’re Your Tech Support!

If you have any questions about using Lifeline® smooth muscle cells or VascuLife® SMC, please call our tech support!  They are the scientists who developed the Lifeline® products you’re calling about and have over 50 years of cell culture experience.

Basic smooth muscle cell culture points:

  1. One cryopreserved vial of Lifeline® smooth muscle cells will plate 100-150 cm2
  2. Lifeline® smooth muscle cells should be cultured in a humidified 37°C, 5% CO2 incubator
  3. Feed the cells 1mL of VascuLife® SMC medium per 5cm2  every other day
  4. Lifeline® smooth muscle cells should be passaged at 80% to 100% confluence
  5. Lifeline® smooth muscle cells will require 3 to 5 minutes exposure to Trypsin at 37°C to release
  6. Lifeline® smooth muscle cells should be split at a 1:8 to 1:12 ratio

Normal Human Smooth Muscle Cells Available through Lifeline Cell Technology®:

Get better results with all Lifeline® smooth muscle cells by using VascuLife® SMC medium

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