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DermaLife K Calcium Free Medium Complete Kit is a serum-free, calcium-free medium that is made to order. Calcium Chloride has been omitted from the Basal Medium and is supplied as an individual LifeFactor.

DermaLife K has been specifically optimized for the culture of Primary Human Keratinocytes, and supports their growth over at least 15 population doublings. DermaLife Calcium-Free Basal Medium does not include phenol red or antimicrobials.

You’ll get consistently reproducible results with DermaLife K Calcium Free Medium, which has been balanced and supplemented expressly for Primary Keratinocytes to maximize that individual cell type’s life expectancy.

  • Your Primary Keratinocytes will plate better using DermaLife optimized medium (as compared to our nearest competitors’ media or traditional high-serum media)
  • Your Primary Keratinocytes will grow more quickly in DermaLife medium than in other commercially-available media
  • Primary Keratinocytes will maintain better morphology when cultured in DermaLife medium
  • DermaLife Calcium-Free Basal Medium contains no calcium and will not support cell attachment and growth. Lifeline calcium chloride supplement gives you the ability to vary the Ca+ concentration to meet your experimental needs.  Recommended range of final calcium concentration is 0.02 mM to 0.15 mM, dependent upon cell type.
  • Add the LifeFactors to promote guaranteed proliferation and function of cells.

Kit format for formulation flexibility: Offered in a kit format composed of calcium-free basal medium and associated supplements and growth factors called “LifeFactors.” This kit allows you to prepare fresh medium in your laboratory, extending shelf life and enhancing performance.

Protective packaging:  DermaLife Calcium-Free Basal Medium is provided in a light-protected 500 mL bottle.

Human Keratinocyte Calcium Free Culture Medium

DermaLife K culture medium is quality tested for:

  • Sterility: Negative for bacteria and fungal growth
  • pH: 7.5 +/- 0.2
  • Cell Performance: Rate of proliferation and morphology
  • Osmolality:  315 +/- 10 mOsm
  • Endotoxin: < 0.5 EU/mL

This product is manufactured when your order is placed.

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