UroLife™ LifeFactors Kit


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Product Description

UroLife™ LifeFactors Kit contains the associated supplements and growth factors for use with UroLife Bladder Basal Medium.  UroLife is optimized for the culture of human bladder epithelial cells from the Apex and Dome regions.

UroLife LifeFactors Kit contains:

  • rh Insulin LifeFactor   0.5 mL
  • rh EGF LifeFactor  0.5 mL
  • L-Glutamine LifeFactor  15 mL
  • Epinephrine LifeFactor 0.5 mL
  • Apo-Transferrin LifeFactor  0.5 mL
  • rh TGF-α   0.5 mL
  • Extract P™ LifeFactor   2 mL
  • Hydrocortisone Hemisuccinate LifeFactor   0.5 mL
  • rh KGF LifeFactor   1 mL

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