FibroLife Fibroblast Basal Medium


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FibroLife basal media has been optimized for the culture of Human Fibroblasts and Mesenchymal Stem Cells-Pre-Adipocytes. FibroLife provides a perfect cell system to establish serum-free human feeder layers for stem cell culture or as a model to study wound healing, toxicology or basic cell biology. FibroLife contains no antimicrobials and no phenol red, since these components can cause cell stress and “masking effects” that may influence experimental results.

  • Superior proliferation: In comparisons with other commercially available media, shows superior proliferation at different seeding densities.
  • Protective packaging: FibroLife® Basal Medium is provided in a light-protected 500 mL bottle.

FibroLife Basal Medium requires the appropriate LifeFactors (serum-free or low-serum) to promote guaranteed proliferation and function of cells.  LifeFactors that complement FibroLife are available in Kit form, including:

  • FibroLife Serum-Free LifeFactors Kit:  LS-1010
  • FibroLife S2 LifeFactors Kit: LS-1038

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