Diseased Bronchial/Tracheal Epithelial Cells, Primary


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Diseased Human Bronchial/Tracheal Epithelial Primary Cells — Cystic Fibrosis.

Lifeline® Human Bronchial/Tracheal Epithelial Cells, when grown in Lifeline® BronchiaLife™ Medium, provide an ideal serum-free culture model for the study of epithelial cell dysfunction and the pathogenesis of cystic fibrosis.

Human Airway Epithelial Cells are cultured without retinoic acid and cryopreserved as primary cells to ensure the highest viability and plating efficiency. Lifeline® Human Airway Epithelial Cells are quality tested in BronchiaLife™ Medium to ensure proper growth and morphology over a period of at least 15 population doublings.

Extensively tested and guaranteed for performance and quality.

500,000 cells per vial

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